Customs Procedures

An overview of the customs clearance process at the Port includes the following:

 1.            Vessel arrival – The vessels manifest of cargo is delivered to manifest control section with individual waybills

2.            Examination – customs conducts a tally of the goods that have been discharged from the vessel onto the wharf

3.            Compliance check – The Manifest Control Section receives the tally report and compares it to the individual waybills presented with the ships manifest. If there is a discrepancy the examination unit is instructed to conduct a second tally examination

1.            Acceptance – The Manifest Control Section accepts the tally counts the tally sheet is forwarded to the evaluation section

2.            Classification and Duty Calculation – The evaluation section receives the tally sheet and prepares a “Bolleto Dogonale”. The goods are classified according to the tariff with specific duty rate applied. The customs duty is calculated followed by the internal levies and important taxes

3.            Accounting Re-Verification – The Accounting Unit reviews the tariff rates used are correct and re-calculates the duty and other taxes as an assurance that the total amount payable by the importer is correct

4.            Compliance – The “Bolleto” is then returned to the Manifest Control Unit who check that all calculations have been made according to the previously accepted quantities. If all is correct the importer is given the all clear to go to the bank and make payment

5.            Payment – The importer or Agent is given a copy of the “Bolleto” with the total amount payable so that arrangements can be made to pay the money into the government bank account

6.            Release – The importer presents the paperwork with evidence of payment to an officer of the Examination Unit who conducts a final check and comparison with the goods and paperwork and authorises the goods to be released

7.            Exit – The goods and paperwork are presented to the Fiscal Police at the Exit Gate who conduct their own tally before allowing the vehicle carrying the goods to depart the port