Macroeconomic and Fiscal Planning Department Section Roles

Overall Mandate:

Organizational Structure:   Macroeconomic & Fiscal Planning Policy Department

  • Support the Minister in all aspects of institutional planning, fiscal policy development, monitoring and evaluation and reporting on practical macroeconomic-fiscal management. Prepare expenditure, revenue statistics and accurate macroeconomic forecasts.


  • To prepare a credible, reliable and evidenced based policies that sure sustainable economic development of Puntland.


  • To formulate and implement dynamic fiscal policy and monetary objectives of the government for effect resource mobilization, efficient allocation with proper monitoring and evaluation of public resources to set government on sustainable economic development.

Macroeconomic and fiscal policy planning department consists of four department sections with the following key functions;

I – Fiscal policy planning, Research and Statistics Section

Preparing technical policy, analysis plans and programs in terms of fiscal policy. Implementing analysis and providing recommendations in terms of fiscal policy. Collection of relevant statistical information: surveys, indicators, maintenance of a statistical database to support data analysis, and forecasting. Studying historical trends for the whole economy as well as analyzing the current macroeconomic and providing quantitative techniques to formula economic models. Macroeconomic Forecasting: National Product, per capita income etc. Analyze the revenue effects of different taxation and customs policies