H.E Mohamed Abdullaahi Ismail serves as the Accountant General at the Puntaland State of Somalia.
Puntland Accountant General

Mohamed Abdullaahi Ismail

Mandate of Accountant General

The role of the Office of the Accountant General as stipulated in Chapter II, Article 7 of the Financial and Accounting Regulations of the State of 1961 are as follows:-
  1. Prepare the final states accounts in accordance with Article 26 of the Financial and Accounting Regulations;
  2. Control the inventory of the state property;
3. Control the state accounts and submit them to the OAG;
4. Ensure that there is adequate system of account in MDAs;
5. Ensure that proper provision is made for the safe keeping of all public monies, stamps and valuable documents;
6. Ensure the supervision of receipt of revenue and other public monies, informing the responsible officer of any delay in collection; and
7. Ensure supervision of expenditure and other disbursements of the state.
In this section the Office of the Accountant General publishes periodic financial reports (monthly, quarterly and annually) relating to fiscal performance of the Puntland State of Somalia. The areas that the reports cover include:
  • Fiscal Summary report of Puntland revenue and expenditure;
  • Revenue performance for the details of the revenues collected by the revenue collection Department
  • Budget utilization comparing, by economic nature, the details of the budget and expenditure incurred by the ministries, departments and agencies (MDAs) of the Federal Government; and
  • An analysis of payments made to MDAs, Suppliers, Consultants and employees.