Minister of Finance PL

H. E. Hassan Shire Abdi

The Ministry of Finance PL is led by Minister of Finance H.E. Hassan Shire Abdi.

As the principal advisor on economic issues, Mr. Hassan Shire plays a very important part in creating strategies that affect the economic and government financial outlooks for issues the government faces.
In addition to policymaking, the minister makes recommendations regarding both domestic and international finances, trade, tax policy, and publishes statistical reports. His new Financial reform program will improve the government’s capacity to utilize public funds more effectively and meet the ministries’ aspirations.
The Public Financial Management Reform Program (PFMRP) that includes reforms to improve the budgeting process to increase domestic revenues, automate the country’s payment system and uplift the capacity of our public servants to better manage the country’s finances.
These reforms will help ensure the Puntland State of Somalia to be a trusted custodian of the nation’s financial resources.

For more information please contact him.