The Ministry of Finance is to regulate the Public and Private Financial Management of the State and to ensure the Healthily fluency of the State official Currency. ABOUT US


The Technical Steering Committee (TSC) members comprising of Heads of the various MDAs institutions and line ministries representing key front-line service delivery. Departments

Bosaso Port Customs clearance

Customs is the source of revenue from imports and exports. 2 The Customs government department responsible for the collection of these duties. 3 the part of a port, airport, frontier station, etc., where baggage and freight are examined for dutiable goods and contraband.

TSA implementation meeting

Government agencies Cooperation Conference opens today at the Ministry of Finance in Garowe [Photos]


Puntland’s ministry of finance (MOF) has launched today on 22-Janaury-2018 financial management information system (PL-FIM), the overall objective was to provide a system with adequate trials to improve administrative accountability in processing transactions and transparency.

Who We Are

The Ministry of Finance of the State of Puntland has been established on the 23rd of August 1998 as one of the first nine decanters (Ministries) immediately established after declaration of the Puntland government.

Management Team

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