Ministry of Finance PL Launched Financial Management Information System(PL-FMIS)

Puntland’s ministry of finance (MOF) has launched today on 22-Janaury-2018 financial management information system (PL-FIM), the overall objective was to provide a system with adequate trials to improve administrative accountability in processing transactions and transparency. Also the improved timeliness, accuracy and comprehensiveness of financial reports will aid effectiveness of decision making.

In a ceremony attended by Vice President of Puntlnad H.E eng. Abdihakim H. Amey , Minister of Finance H.E Abdullahi Said Arshe, Mr. Hugh Riddell World Bank country representative, UN organizations, EU, African Development Bank, USAid, International NGOs, PUNSA, Line Ministries, Chambers of Commerce, State Bank, Auditor General, Office of the President, civil service commission, 9 Regional Accountants, Airports and sea port authorities, accountant general office, and various delegates, The PL Government  announced Puntland Financial management information system( PL-FMIS) that is more credible with greater transparency.

The goal is show our financial reports to citizens, tax payers, donors, civil societies and other interest parties we deploy a robust IT infrastructure the Minister mentioned that Puntlnad is using cloud system which is robust IT infrastructure.

Puntland implements this system on January 2017 the system will was focused on budgeting, expenditures, revenue collection this result and improved reporting capabilities and accuracy. In addition to that, . Electronic financial reports through the PL-FMIS system was published to the minister of finance website on 

finally Mr. Hugh Riddell world bank representative fo Somalia and Puntland Vice president H.E Amey has launched the system and congratulates the ministery of finance for the implementation and management of this system during.